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Healing Collective Trauma

The collective trauma we are all currently enduring has us under so much PRESSURE.

We may feel as though the weight of the world is on our shoulders and as if anxiety has taken up permanent residence upon our backs.

Happiness and healthy connections may be the last thing on our minds; some of us are just trying to hold ourselves together.

I realize throughout this experience that sometimes I can easily become frustrated with the parts of myself that are human; whether it’s experiencing illness, or reacting and saying things I may not necessarily mean.

Not all of us feel like ourselves right now, and that’s okay. I am learning that it’s okay to humble myself, to apologize to others when necessary, and to forgive myself for not being perfectly enlightened all of the time during this pandemic. This isn’t a competition about who can be the most conscious yogi/person right now. Relieve yourself of that stress.

My message today for you is to hold space for your own humanity while holding space for the humanity of others. Let’s give ourselves, as well as our brothers and sisters, a break! None of us have been where we are now before. Hold onto to yourself. ❤️

I thought I was done using Instagram, but my friends told me not to bail so here I am lol.

Photo: Mischira Davis

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