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Athlete Services

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga is an excellent tool for athletes, in our sessions you will:

-gain mobility + flexibility within your body to keep you safe within your specific sport

-learn breathing exercises to help build and sustain stamina

-learn visualization exercises to help prepare for competitions, games, or meets

-Explore restorative yoga class options to help heal your muscles

-Explore powerful slow flowing yoga classes that will take you through standing postures designed to build internal heat with your body

-Learn meditation exercises designed to calm your nerves and transform adrenaline into a useful tool


Classes are available in studio, or I may travel to you!


Duration: 1 hour



- $65 per session 

- Class packages available upon inquiry.

Skating Instruction & Coaching

As a life long figure skater, I strive to provide excellent coaching to skaters of all ages. I am available for group sessions, individual trainings and programming.

Pricing is dependent on services required. Please use the contact form below to submit an inquiry.

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