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Why I love Cacao!

Cacao is one of my favorite items that I always make sure to have at home in my kitchen! Cacao helps to decrease inflammation and improve blood flow among many other valuable things! I like to purchase my cacao from the natural food store local to me. My favorite Nativas Organics costs $8.49 and usually lasts me approximately 3 months! I add it to my smoothies or drink it with a heated plant based milk!

I strongly believe in integrating herbs and natural components into my lifestyle. I strongly disagree with diet culture, or being obsessed with outward appearances! I value the way natural herbs and plants enhance my mood internally! None of the things I share about my plant based journey are about outward appearances, forcing you to be plant based, or forcing you to change yourself. I’m simply sharing my personal process - always do what suits your body exactly where it is at. 🌞

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