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Called to Teach

I’m on my 6th year of teaching yoga and I have changed so much. During this period of time I have done a great deal of unlearning. Most of my teacher training has come from experiences with other people, reading, self-study, and experiencing yoga in other places thru travel. I will always be a student first and foremost.

When I first began this journey as a teacher I initially planned on moving into the woods, minding my own business, and mostly living a life of solitude. God is steering me in a different direction though, and for this I am truly grateful.

When I first began teaching all I knew well was power vinyasa. I didn’t believe that I could hold space for others in any other kind of way than that. So much has shifted within my own personal practice, and within my teaching. Now, I value being able to help people slow down more so than anything.

I remember the day I felt called to this practice as a teacher. I texted my friend and told her “I think I’ll be a yoga teacher.” After starting my practice at the ice arena back when I was 12, and growing my practice from once a week to all day everyday. My friend told me I should go for it, and here we are now. When I did my teacher trainings and apprenticeships I was the only black girl in the programs at the time around here. Now I look up and see more young black women tapping into their healing capabilities and it’s been great to witness. 🧘🏾‍♀️

How were you called to your yoga practice or teaching? Leave me a note! 🌞

photo: Cha Davis

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