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What My Yoga Practice Means to Me

If you look at me you’ll find my pain silently resting on my sleeve adjacent to my heart. Life man, what a challenge! As we curiously meander along our chosen paths we often find ourselves tripping over cracks, or sinking in the mud. We want to flourish and blossom into beautiful flowers, but sometimes we are far too dehydrated and away from the light to prosper. How are we expected to grow under these conditions? Sometimes our lack of awareness in relation to the truth about our Selves causes us to become our biggest enemies. Many of us avoid our mirrored reflections; in fear that they may give us a fright.

Often within my mind I catch my thoughts lingering upon existential questions like; what is the meaning of life? What are we doing here? How long are things supposed to go on as they do? Etc., etc., and so on and so forth. My mind is always providing me with plenty of distractions. The desire to ascend, transform, understand, evolve, release, and deepen my awareness of Self have all led me along my journey of deepening my yoga practice. My practice provides me with the space to check-in with my breath, move my body, and ease my mind. That feeling when you stretch your calves in down dog and you feel your blood begin to circulate is indescribable, and it never weakens. This practice is medicine, and I simply can not live without it!

Cultivating presence is a never ending journey. The beautiful thing about yoga is that it can go on for as long as we go on. There is no end of yoga, it simply is. While so many things in life may seem complicated, yoga has been extremely easy for me. Not easy by way of learning difficult poses, but easy as in it is something that I look forward to everyday. Waking up early to attend 6:30 am classes, driving hours to explore new studios, and taking vacations structured purely around exploring different yoga studios has become the norm for me. Yoga has provided me with something to live for. It has allowed me to meet new people, expand my mind, and heal my Self energetically, spiritually, and physically.

This practice is for everyone, and sharing the light is a beautiful part of my yogic experience. The message of this practice may be convoluted by those who seek to abuse it, however the truth is bound to outlive the lies of the shameless. For me, yoga is a lifestyle choice. It is a philosophy that I live by, and aim to improve upon every day. Yoga allows me to understand the depth of my silence, the warmth that I can generate through sheer determination, and it inspires me to keep my internal fire stoked. Being a silent observer of myself through my practice has been full of revelations. May you find truth within your practice. Namaste!

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