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Understanding Emotional Intelligence

I am learning that emotional intelligence is the key to building valuable relationships. I have observed that in order to be a great leader, one must attain the qualities of being emotionally intelligent.

As a creative being it’s easy to isolate one’s self and to react on a whim when our moods change on a daily basis. If we are constantly changing our demeanor, people will never know how to approach us. This in turn builds a lack of trust and leads to the downfall of relationships. Relationships with others are like communion for our spirits.

For me personally, I suffered from a lack of emotional intelligence for years! I took everything anyone said personally against me and allowed others inability to value me or my ideas to negatively affect my self-worth. Now, I am able to hear what other people say without internalizing their words. If people dislike me, and a lot of people do, I leave them space to feel that way. If people tell me I’m wrong, I mostly just agree with them now.

My process of developing emotional intelligence involves meditating daily so that I am deeply aware of myself. I listen to what other people have to say and try to understand their experiences and the circumstances behind their words. I am always circling back to the simple fact that not everything is always about me when people start to project their problems.

Over time I have built a protective shield around myself. I only allow what serves me to enter, and as I meditate throughout my day everything that no longer serves me is constantly being filtered out. Our emotions are natural and shall not be used as weapons against us. 🌿

Photo: @creating.alex

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