Truth Is

People are sending me messages saying I have changed, and I have so thanks for noticing! I love the concept of duality. You can be more than one thing! You can care about more than one thing! For a long time I struggled with being the most “authentic” yogi I could be. I thought that meant rejecting societal norms, not caring about money, and not giving into vanity.

The truth is I actually love to wear make up and brush my hair. I actually like getting dressed up.... I forgot for a sec (couple years lol.) I actually do want to make a million dollars and then be like Robin Hood and give it back to the hood. I believe that you can be a spiritual being, but also have an investment portfolio. I started mine with @ellevest.

I realized that my idea of what a good yogi or yoga teacher should be, was keeping me from being who I actually am completely. I strongly believe in spreading yogic philosophy with the understanding that we are part of a system here in America. As long as we decide to stay here, we have to do our part to participate. By participate I mean voting and filing our taxes. I know there are other wellness advocates saying the opposite on their pages, or telling you not to fall victim to the system and whatnot. I’m just here to remind you to think for yourself!

How do you want to contribute to the world? How can you take your yoga practice off your mat genuinely without leaving out parts of yourself? Think about it. Peace ☮️

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