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Transforming A Loft Into A Conscious Living Space

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Conscious living means being committed to health, wellness, and sustainability. As a full-time yoga teacher in the past, making ends meet was very challenging. After months on tour with Disney On Ice, I journeyed back to my hometown of Detroit, Michigan, to create a new life for myself. Before leaving for the tour, I gave away most of my belongings. I realized that all of my furniture belonged to other people. I realized that I had been living in scarcity and lack. My life was on leftovers.

As a single black woman in her 30s, I finally realized what I deserve. No longer am I settling for less. I believe in being financially savvy, but I also know I deserve a comfortable lifestyle. I am excited to uncover my interior design style, create art, and share memories within my new space. Be sure to follow along for inspiration!

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