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Top 5 Reasons to Practice a Future Self-Meditation

This morning I had the most lovely meditation practice, and I want to share this experience with you all. I was practicing a future self-meditation to help me align with my highest form of self and purpose. In this practice, I was able to experience myself as consciousness completely. Lately, I have been going thru a shift, and it’s left me feeling slightly disconnected from most people. Through this meditation practice, I was able to land ultimately inside of myself and reconnect with all that is. Within my mind, I visualized a version of myself that is as confident, physically strong, and open as possible. I feel radiant, relaxed, and peaceful. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should practice future self-meditation.

1. Give yourself peace of mind.

2. Visualization exercises are very helpful.

3. Receive guidance from within.

4. Reassure yourself that you are okay.

5. Realize your truth and power.

Have you ever practiced this meditation before? Leave me a note. ❤️

Photo: Milan Boyer

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