Thoughts on Athena

I have a lot of things on my mind this week, but my spirit is feeling pretty good!

There are so many different issues to consider right now such as racial injustice, protestors being kidnapped, human trafficking, murders at gas stations, people not having enough work + food + water, indigenous voices needing to be amplified, performative ally-ship, and immigrants still being locked away in cages to name a few. There are so many other things I could list, but these are the topics I have been deeply considering. How do we live our best lives with all of these major issues to fix? I suppose by holding space for ourselves and moving forward in the best ways that we can.

I try to keep my writing hopeful and light filled, but sometimes I have to write what I feel needs to be said. I have been reading about a lady people are referring to as “Athena” in Portland. This woman stripped down naked in front of police and started practicing yoga in the middle of the street. Everyone is calling this woman a hero now. I do not mean to downplay her efforts; however, if that had been me as a black woman yogi naked in the middle of the street doing a flow, I surely would have been arrested or much worse.

Do you think the actions of this woman were okay? Do you think she was using her privilege to be helpful, or is it sending a dangerous message out? Please leave your thoughts below!

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