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The Problem with Frenemies

When did you realize your best friend was actually your frenemy? Was it when she pointed at your stomach and laughed at you and said hers was flatter? Maybe, it was all of the times she implied that she was more physically attractive to men because her hair was longer than yours? Maybe, it was the day she called you fat and harassed you on social media all day? The list goes on and on, but you somehow always ended up being “friends” again. Relationships can be so deeply complex. I have learned over the years that I have trouble trusting people and when I do it’s often the wrong people. I have struggled with seeing people for who they are and accepting their emotional abuse or projecting as a form of love. It doesn’t matter how long you have known someone, if it’s a trauma bond let it go!

•Genuine friends support (and actually like) one another.

•Genuine friends don’t compare one another to the other and try to make you feel less beautiful or less important than them.

•You deserve better than toxic relationships.

Know when to check yourself if you are the one being a shady friend. This message is for the low key girls who have it going on but were tricked into believing that they were someone else’s sidekick. You are the one baby girl, don’t let them tell you you not. Set yourself free and flourish! Have you had any experiences like this? Let’s talk about it!

Photo: Mishira Davis

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