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The Importance of Collective Care

I have been taking the time out to consider the importance of collective care. So often in wellness we place so much emphasis on self-care and taking the time out to nurture ourselves so much so that collective care is being overlooked. Self-care is a great concept, but if we dig a bit deeper we will find that self-care should actually be more about the collective. Collective care means that we understand the importance of emotional well-being for even the most disadvantaged members of our community. Self-care, like many other concepts, has been commercialized and has become associated with maintenance such as getting your nails + hair done etc. Collective care means that we value uplifting our neighbors. It means that we understand that by taking care of our emotional, spiritual, mental, and spiritual needs we are able to inspire others to do the same. Together we can uplift our level of consciousness. Though our mindfulness practice we are able to make better contributions to the collective. Collective care means we acknowledge disparities within in our communities that often lead to crime like poverty and hunger. We understand that everyone has a natural right to access water, and so on and so forth. When we are able to expand our vision of care, we are able to initiate change.

What are some ways we can practice collective care?

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