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Stepping Into Your Power

Photo: Milan Boyer

Taking up space can be a scary concept. Women, especially black women, are taught to be petite, submissive, and barely there. We are prepared to be seen and not heard. Women who take up space by advocating for themselves and asserting their power are often considered problematic. These remarkable women who have managed to break free of the mental chains that bind them often find themselves disliked by authority figures.

People aware of their spiritual gifts are often called names, ridiculed, and boxed in as crazy. The world is constantly trying to gaslight us into believing that our intuition is off and that we do not know ourselves. I am here to tell you to fight back! Now more than ever, it's time for you to be heard. Use your voice to say no, to correct people when they offend you, and to stake your claim. The world belongs to you just as much as anyone else.

Playing small will get you nowhere. If you like being a follower, then I'm not for you. If you are ready to be comfortable completely being yourself and being disliked, then I'm your girl! The world is waiting on us to give up, so it's vital that we authentically support one another throughout this journey called life. Be fearless, be you, and be well.

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