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Sit With Your Anger

If you are dealing with some anger lately it’s okay to sit with it and to acknowledge it. I find that repressing emotions only magnifies the pain. Whenever I am feeling burned out, confused, or exhausted it’s easy to begin to move from a mental space of lack. I realize that when I give my body time to rest, my mind time to unwind, and allow myself to move through my discomfort in an authentic way I always feel better. I have learned to remove any time lines off of my visiting emotions and allow them to be fully present. I am allowing myself to hold space for my own emotions - whatever they may be. I understand that my relationship with myself, others, and Spirit may not always be rainbows and butterflies - but I know that if I wait patiently I’ll continue to blossom. Water me please! How are y’all feeling lately?

Photo: @cha2times

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