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Puzzle Pieces

Have you ever been so afraid of failure that you don’t even try? Always so concerned about how the people you once knew will judge who you are now.

So you hide yourself away. You put on an act. You make yourself perform on a daily basis as the most like-able and acceptable version of yourself.

Until one day you notice yourself spoiling over inside. You feel the ravaging of your grief and shame bubbling over until —- boom! You have officially exploded and everything you have been hiding away is revealed.

Nobody knows what to do for you, or with you. Not even you. When this day comes, and it will always come right on time, I pray that you will pick up all of the remnants of yourself.

I hope that you will restore every piece bit by bit over time. Allow yourself to sit with every piece without rushing, hesitating, or doubting yourself.

Once you have done your work and assembled your puzzle, come back to the surface.

Photo: Steph Rhoades

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