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Picnicking During the Pandemic

Exploring healthy and affordable eating with my dear friend @bridgettcolling! This dancing queen and I shared bruschetta made with fresh tomatoes + sage from our garden, fruit salad dressed with fresh lime, garlic dip + bread, salad made with pistachios, and cake! Bridgett made the salad dressing with lemon juice and olive oil and it was fire!!! I would say that all together we spent less than $40 on this meal that fed 3 people!

Here are my top 5 reasons as to why you should picnic with your friends this summer!

  1. Bonding is vital to existence!

  2. Your friends may feel more comfortable outdoors right now due to the virus!

  3. You can fully immerse yourself in nature, or the city you are in!

  4. Fresh air is beneficial to your mental health!

  5. Time outdoors is physically healing!

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