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Morning Yoga Flow!

I had a request for a morning yoga flow routine! I’m keeping it nice and simple with a traditional half sun salutation A!


Inhale extend both arms above head - tall mountain pose

Exhale bring your palms together at heart center

Inhale arms reach back up - tall mountain pose

Exhale swan dive fold forward over both legs - forward fold

Inhale lift half way up - half forward fold

Exhale fold forward - forward fold

Feel free to integrate side body extensions and shoulder openers as shown where you see fit!

Repeat this as many times as your would like! Remember to keep your knees soft as you maintain a connection with your nose to nose breath!

I am ready to use my Instagram live more!!! Lol I will be testing out a 25 minute yoga flow to prepare you for the day! How early would you wake up for this class? 6:30 am? 7:00 am? Leave me a note!

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