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Letter to my Mom

Happy birthday to my Mommy! With you being a Cancer, and me being an Aries things haven’t always been the easiest between us, but I have grown to be very grateful for our experience. I learned about the value of being a black women from a young age from you. You taught me to love my skin exactly the shade it is. You taught me about the value of protesting and writing letters. You taught me about the value of speaking up about important social justice issues. You paid for a private Catholic school education and most of college for me. You taught me about the importance of women creating their own spaces and being able to provide for themselves. You taught me about the importance of loving the lgbtq+ community and what acceptance means. You believed in my talent so much that you invested hours and probably a bunch of money I won’t be able to pay back for years on pageants, ice time, work outs, coaches, and skating dresses, that you made with your own hands. Thank you for believing in my Olympic dreams and providing me with the space to try, even though I didn’t accomplish that goal. Most importantly, you never let me down on my birthday - I always had the best parties!!! Life hasn’t always been so easy, but we are able to find moments of joy in our time spent together watching movies and eating pizza - our favorite things to do! After all of these years I realize that I’m really a lot like you. Enjoy your special day lady!🌞

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