Introspection Week

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Every new day is a revelation. As I sit with the stillness of my mind, I am able to tap into my divinity.

I understand that Source energy is a place where healing may take place.

I understand that through the process of becoming a silent witness to myself, I can observe my own process.

As I sit with myself I am able to become aware of past trauma and how it has affected the way I grow and maintain relationships with others. I am able to observe how it may trigger reactions when external distractions seem to get the best of me.

I am able to witness the beauty of my mind, body, and soul. I am able to be compassionate with myself for past trespasses. I am able to forgive myself, and I am able to forgive others.

I honor the spirit within me that chooses kindness and stays motivated to keep


I am learning about the depth of my character, and I am always learning something new about my personality. I am loving this version of myself!

What are some things you have noticed about yourself lately that are new to you? Leave a comment below! #introspection

I promise you, getting my eyebrows done is a spiritual experience. 🦋

As I contemplate what it means to be close I realize that intimacy has less to do with physical connections, and is more about a deep appreciation of the spirit.

I am able to take time for introspection to see that the depth of love for myself must continue to grow. I must guard my gates and my spiritual gifts with the security that they deserve.

Yes, these yellow shoes are in fact magical. 🌞

Photo: @shadariancoronagreen

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