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I See Color

The color of the sky is not one color and we see that.

We praise it for its glory and awe over the fact that it can shift from being blue one moment, to melodic variations of pink, purple, and orange the next.

We know for a fact that at night the sky will relentlessly turn black. No matter what is going on in the world. It doesn’t matter which neighborhood you are in. Once evening arrives the sunset will always fade into the same darkness.

People are no different. We come in all shades, shapes, sizes, and colors. From stardust into materialized versions of ourselves.

We may live in different cities, work different jobs, and be from different classes - but when the evening comes we most certainly are all covered in the same darkness.

Many may say that they do not see color in an effort to feel unified with their neighbor, but colors range across a magnificent spectrum.

If you are blessed to see them, you know that they’re beautiful.

I want you to see my color.

I want you to feel my soul.

I want you to smell the cocoa butter dressing my skin and smile as I walk by.

I want you to see my skin, and I want to see yours too.

Once we have seen one another and connected as beings, we’ll sit beneath the fading sun and explore the sorbet clouds. Together we’ll await the 12 hours we all share beneath the dark star studded sky.

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