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I’m not Self-made.

Consider the idea of being “self-made” or “self-taught”. We often hear or read about people’s stories of allegedly starting at the bottom and ending up “here”. “Here” referring to a high level of success, fame, wealth, or notoriety all on their own. The idea of being able to do anything or to learn anything all on your own has always baffled me!

Even if you read books to teach yourself about yoga or whatever the subject matter may be; aren’t you still learning from the author? Does that person not deserve respect for contributing to the collective consciousness and your life?

Me personally, I haven’t done anything all on my own at all! So many people played a major role in my life and showed up to support me and did everything they could to help me become a well rounded individual. I wouldn’t even be using this platform or social media at all to share my words and creative work if it were not for the people in my life who saw me and gave me the financial + emotional + spiritual support I truly needed to believe in myself.

My support system of friends + family who always show up for me are such a blessing. I don’t believe we ever truly accomplish anything all on our own because we need other people! We must be open to receiving love from our people so that they may water us into our full form and vice versa.

My major takeaway is that at some point in your life someone gave you an opportunity or believed in you. Your supporters showed up for you. Someone else’s abilities inspired you to believe in your abilities. I couldn’t do anything own my own without God. For some people that’s source, spirit, or the universe - whatever it is; it’s not just you.

I’m grateful for the ability to see outside of myself and honor those who have helped me understand my purpose and role in the world.

I’m not self-made and I didn’t make it this far on my own. Honor yourself and honor those who believe in you.

photo: Bre C. Williamson

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