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How to Modify Pigeon Pose for Sensitive Knees

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, but I’m back with some tutorials for you all! If you find this helpful, remember to like, share, and leave a comment below! Everyone is at a unique place in their movement practice. Some of us may be coming to our mats with injuries in our bodies or lingering trauma. Your yoga practice should be centered around making yourself feel safe inside of your own body. The proper method of yoga honors self-awareness and being able to make choices for yourself. Have you ever been in a class practicing and forced yourself to try a pose that you knew wouldn't feel good in your body? We have all been there before! Body awareness and understanding the difference between sensation and pain within your movement practice are essential. So often in our yoga practice, we may find ourselves trying to keep up with the class or following the instructions of our teachers to the point where we may potentially injure ourselves. As a practitioner, you should be able to advocate for yourself and make adjustments at any time. As a teacher and practitioner, I have managed knee pain for over a decade. I understand that sometimes less is more, and I am not ashamed to modify, use props, or opt-out of a posture altogether. Lizard pose is a fantastic alternative to pigeon pose! With my strained knee, I haven't practiced pigeon in over a year! Taking a pose out of my practice hasn't weakened my practice; it has strengthened it. It’s all about what you need! Lizard Pose Steps:

  1. Take as many steps as you need to the front of your mat!

  2. If you have space, inch your knee towards the back of your mat. (Whatever amount feels good inside of your body).

  3. Pivot your front toes slightly out on a diagonal.

  4. Option to walk your hands out in front of you, or you can plant your hands to the inside of your front foot and slowly lower down to your forearms.

  5. Remember to find a gentle breath that serves you, unless you are practicing yin or restorative.

Give this a try, and let me know how it goes!

Music: Over the Rainbow - Mermaid Vision


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