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How to Catch the Sun

I pray that you can always feel the beauty of sunlight gently caressing your radiant skin. I love how the sun continues to bless us regardless of our trauma or errors.

Isn't it a blessing that you could be disliked, misunderstood, or fall short and still be able to step into the light!

It's easy to focus on our day-to-day plans and obligations without making much time to take in the scenery. It's easy to become oblivious within our daily surroundings. In life, I have found myself a victim of monotony, prone to misunderstanding life's many glories, lacking depth in my perception.

When was the last time you watched a sunset or raise? Have you taken the time to honor the magnificent strokes of magenta and orange that so gracefully appear in the morning and evening?

We count on the sun to greet us daily, often without making an offering of gratitude, but on overcast days when the sun refuses to rise, we almost always notice its absence.

The sun, the trees, and anything else that grows in nature is immaculate.

I'm just here to dance, sing, laugh, celebrate, and observe. Earth is an art installation.

Photos: Milan Boyer

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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