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Experience Mindfulness with Lauren J. Williams

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Hey there everyone, I’m so happy to have you here with me! I needed to take a moment to recollect my thoughts, but I’m happy to be back with new ideas, clarity, and an open heart. I am so excited to practice with you, whether it’s here on this platform, or in real life. Here is a little bit about me for those of you who are new to this space. I am a former competitive figure skater who spent most of my developmental years inside a training facility. After spending many years as an ice skater, I graduated from college and eventually found myself suffering from burnout, anxiety, and depression. Without my intense athletic routine, I struggled to find my identity and place in the world. Struggles with eating disorders, body image, and mental health have run rampant within my family, and I am determined to break the cycle of trauma through the practice of mindfulness.

I have had the honor of helping people develop through yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy work, and healing ceremonies. Through movement, community, connection, and stillness, I have provided practitioners with space and time to uncover what it truly means to be well. I am strongly committed to social justice, inclusion, diversity, collective care, self-worth, and body neutrality. I deeply believe that taking care of yourself can be a form of rebellion that should be accessible to all. I aim to uplift my community members with support throughout their transformational journeys as we align our minds, hearts, spirits, and bodies. Be sure to explore my blog, Youtube, and podcast on iTunes and Spotify. Let’s heal together ya’ll. Peace x Love

Song - Lauryn Hill - Just Like Water

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