Don’t Quit!

I’m here to create, evolve, receive my messages, and share with those who resonate with what I have to offer. If Instagram didn’t exist, I would still be doing all of the things I do. If followers didn’t exist, I would still be meditating, practicing yoga, ice skating, dancing, writing, painting, and focusing on my breath.

It would be such a shame to give up on what you love and what you are passionate about simply for fear of being judged, not being seen “enough”, or becoming caught up in comparing yourself to other people on a similar path as you. You and your gifts are most certainly enough.

Moving past external validation is an everyday practice. Who are you when you are at home all alone? What makes your heart beat quicken? What are you passionate about? What is your self-talk like?

Your God given gifts are important and valuable. We may not all be for everyone, but there is definitely someone who needs to witness your gift and you are worthy and deserving of sharing it. Don’t give up on yourself just yet... or ever. One!

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