Do Luxury and Mindfulness Go Together?

Let’s talk about how our mindfulness practice is ever-evolving. As of late, I haven't been sharing much of my yoga practice, but best believe I have been practicing every day.

My time as a full-time yoga guide in Detroit gave me the space and opportunity to delve wholeheartedly into my community. I was 100% committed to being a humble servant and was willing to settle for less for the sake of healing. With age and new experiences, I have learned that self-sacrifice benefits no one, especially not black women. We have learned to take care of everyone around us and give until we have nothing more to offer. We are natural-born healers, nurturers, and muses. We breathe life into those around us and sometimes fall short of breathing life into ourselves.

Through my mindfulness practice, I have been focusing more on journaling, believing in my abilities, and visualizing the type of woman I desire to be. I have been able to note how I want to make those who do breathe life into me feel. I want to ensure that all of my exchanges are balanced and even. I want to be sure that I am taking what I need and giving only once my cup is full.

This space and time away from sharing my yoga practice have been beneficial, but I’m ready to hop back into it soon!

How are you filling your cup today? Please leave me a note!

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