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Cuppa Time

Word on the street is that afternoon tea is the new happy hour. I consider myself relatively hip, so I'm here to spread the good news! Over the years, I have developed a deep love for all kinds of tea; black tea, green tea, strawberry tea, and green tea; the list is extensive. Tea is a vibe this year, and if you are getting hip to the many wonders of tea, I'm here to spill it.

With the world shifting drastically over the past few years, people seek comfort like never before. Many of us who once spent our days and nights and wild parties clowning around now find ourselves more interested in elevating our frequency and raising our vibration. Many of us are swapping Moscow mules out for mocktails and high tea. It is natural to feel a shift as we go through the many stages of spiritual awakening. You may find yourself not wanting to participate in past vices. Inebriation may cause one to feel repugnant. Alcohol is at the core of our celebrations in our society, but there is a movement of people opting for yoga, meditation, and tea time.

Tea has many medicinal benefits depending on the herbs used. Tea can offer many healing benefits that aid anxiety, digestion, energy, and relaxation. Having a cup of tea after a meditation session can be very soothing. Incorporating tea into your morning or evening ritual can elevate your healing practice. After sitting in stillness, inviting warmth into your body is a magical feeling. A cup of tea after your practice can be very grounding. Here are my top 3 teas of all time:

  1. Chai

  2. Dandelion Tea

  3. Green Tea

Instead of wild evenings, try inviting your friend for meditation and tea!

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Photo: Alex Creates

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