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Collective Sins

All of this time is here for us to explore ourselves. The truth will set us all free - so they say.

What is truth? Truth is rooted in perception; therefore, it will always be personal.

Our personal truths may not always align with the personal truths of another.

How can we all learn to see one another for who we are while constantly evolving on this plane?

How do we come to terms with the fact that we all live in a grey area where everything is situational?

As a community we should embrace our collective shadow - hold it in our arms and compassionately thank it for being a mirror.

We constantly separate ourselves from others as we pick apart the flaws of our neighbors.

We justify our sins while condemning the sins of others. We all slightly miss the mark sometimes and that’s what it means to sin.

The worst offenses we commit will always be against ourselves.

We all live in grey matter.

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