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Are You A Highly Intuitive Being?

Have you ever been called crazy, when in reality you are actually an extremely intelligent intuitive being? I most certainly have been called “crazy” or “weird” my whole life. I used to allow the opinions of others to drain me energetically. I allowed other people’s lack of connection to source and self to deeply affect me.

What is intuition anyway? It is an instinctive feeling rather than conscious reason. It allows us to simply “know” in ways that other people may not understand. Anxiety may block our connection to intuition at times as both are connected to our gut.

I notice that I tend to use my intuition very well when it comes to knowing when to leave a party or when to just do my own thing entirely. I fail to use my intuition when it comes to my personal dating life. I can spot a clown from a mile away for my friends, but when it’s for myself it’s harder to utilize it properly.

My intuition is an omniscient voice in my head giving me all types of warnings - sometimes I’ll even feel sick to my stomach if something isn’t right.

This week I am spending time deepening my relationship with my intuition. Me and my intuition are going to be best friends from here on out!

Here are some ways you can befriend your intuition:

1. Meditate.

2. Listen.

3. Trust in your abilities.

4. Journal.

5. Follow thru with whatever action will help you to remain safe and present.

Photos: @brecwilliamson

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