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Adventures on Tour in Nashville as a Professional Ice Skater

Life is so interesting! I was creating skating content for the joy of it, and now I'm on my first professional ice skating tour. My muscles are feeling it, but I'm excited to see where this road leads me. I had some time after last night's show to do some @americanicetheatre intuitive, free-flowing movement, and it was a vibe.


Change can be difficult for me, but much like a leave falling in autumn, I, too, am shedding my skin. I am giving myself the time and space I need to transform into my highest form of self. This season teaches me about self-sabotage and many important lessons about how self-love is always the cure. Sometimes it's you standing in your way. I promise to allow this chapter of my life to unfold without a reluctant mind organically. I choose to open my heart and share more of myself with the world.

Lately, with rehearsals and performances, my yoga practice has shifted. Today, I finally found the practice I was in seeking! Class with @themurnburn @shaktipoweryoga was full of uplifting energy, warmth, strength, and love. Today I was reminded of what I truly love about my yoga practice! I remind myself that no matter where I am in the world, I will always be right at home.

What's your yoga practice like these days? Please leave me a note!

- Nashville, TN

After performing several shows, a few friends and I explored a few restaurants and bars. I love downtown Nashville! The Broadway area was a bit full for covid, so we spent time on a more mellow block a bit further up. The best part about this experience was the live music! Even Taco Bell had live musical performances. The inspiring energy in Nashville is undeniable.

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