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Accessible Chair Yoga

Hey everybody! So in an effort to magnify my spectrum of inclusivity, I have spent some time during quarantine learning about chair yoga practices.

I realize that when I say yoga is for everyone, I have to lead by example with my teaching. Although I have never lead the life of a plus sized person, a differently abled body person, or a senior citizen yet (God willing), I would like to hold space for people who fall into these categories.

Look forward to accessible yoga content from me in addition to meditations, breathing exercises, and also playful inversions and flows.

I offer a virtual chair yoga class via @thecollectiveattruenorth every Monday at 11:00 AM. This class will remain virtual even once our studio opens back up! If we continue to grow this, I would love to offer more in person chair yoga classes.

This practice isn’t just for one type of person. Let’s all continue to do the work and grow! ☝️

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