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Accepting Your Body

Is your body image and lack of self-confidence keeping you from showing up for yourself? As I scroll thru my timeline I see fashion + wellness people talking about why you should never eat bread, people selling flat tummy tea, people apologizing for the rolls on their bodies, others obsessing over before and after photographs, people shaming people for not being vegan, or overall orthorexic tendencies.

As people we all have our own journey’s and experiences. We all have different backgrounds, beliefs, and reasons for being the way that we are. At my core I truly believe that wellness, movement, and healthy eating is attainable for everyone no matter your shape or size in some capacity.

During my time as a figure skater I struggled with eating disorders. I can remember never keeping a meal down, and being rewarded for it by being told by people that I looked good - when I was actually very ill. This deeply affected me during my time in college.

It took a very long time + therapy for me to recover and I’m still developing a healthy relationship with food to this day. I believe in taking herbs daily, eating greens daily, drinking nourishing fruit smoothies, and exploring healthy snack + meal options. I also love to eat vegan junk food and bread and I’m going to when I feel like it because I value intuitive eating!

It pains me to see people suffering alone in silence unwilling to begin their wellness journey’s because of the way they look, or because of the restrictions that other people have mindlessly put on them. There is more than one way to be healthy.

Do I believe you have to be plant based to come to one of my classes or to be a “good” yogi? No. Sometimes I eat eggs if I feel like it and that’s still my business! Do you have to never eat Ben and Jerry’s again to be considered healthy? No! Everyone needs a little ice cream in their life.

I do not believe in diet culture, it simply is not sustainable. I do believe that we should understand the privilege behind being able to support and uphold a natural and plant based lifestyle. Should it cost a fortune to eat healthy food? No. Does it seem unattainable for many? Yes.

I deeply believe in and value the middle path. I’m not training to compete with other people with my body anymore, I’m just living my life and that’s a beautiful thing.

When you practice with me I want you to know that you are deeply loved the way that you are. You are a whole person already. There is no need to change your appearance to participate. How has social media affected your wellness journey and mind over the years? Let’s discuss below! 🙏🏽

Photos: @brecwilliamson

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