5 Ways to Understand your Subtle Body

Have you taken the time to get to know your subtle body on a deeper level? Throughout your mindfulness journey, you may learn to understand that we are so much more than our bodies. While maintaining the functionality of our bodies through self-preservation and discipline is essential, it is also necessary for us to begin to understand the many layers of ourselves.

As a teacher, I often find myself cueing my students to engage their subtle bodies during class. The most straightforward understanding of subtle body engagement is considering space around you as a container for your energy. This container directly affects your physical body and should be considered during your movement and other mindfulness practices.

Here are my top 5 facts about the subtle body:

  1. Breath travels through your energetic pathways and converges with your chakras.

  2. We experience pain and sensation through our subtle bodies.

  3. We may witness our subtle body through our pineal gland.

  4. Your aura is your energetic field, and it lives within your subtle body.

  5. Some people can naturally see auras, while others may need to train to do so. Your aura can send a signal about your energy level and mood before you even speak.

There are so many layers, no pun intended, to unpack about the subtle body over time. For now, this is a great place to get you started!

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