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5 Ways to Set the Mood for Meditation at Home

Greetings, friends and fellow Earth dwellers! I am so happy to share the many wonders of meditation with you. If you are new to your meditation practice, you have come to the right place. Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase mental capacity, lower blood pressure, and inspire creativity, along with numerous other benefits. This ancient practice is simple, yet it can sometimes feel overwhelming and complex. I completely understand your fears about starting this new practice, and I am here to support you along your journey.

Media has depicted those who practice meditation as all-knowing soothsayers who sit on mountaintops quietly dispensing wisdom to those who seek it. What about those who work regular jobs, have families, and have obligations to themselves and their friends? There are many different meditation practices, such as candle meditation, transcendental meditation, and heartfulness meditation. Knowing where to begin is vital. As a new practitioner, keeping it simple would benefit your growth.

Over time as you build your meditation practice, you may be able to meditate in any place without being distracted at all. Many practitioners can get to a point in their practice where outside distractions do not perturb them. As a beginner, you may not find practicing in chaotic spaces such an easy task, and it doesn't have to be!

Meditation can be practiced resting on your back, in a cross-legged seat, or in an ordinary chair. However, you choose to sit is up to you! Here are my top Top 5 Ways to Set the Mood for Meditation at Home:

  1. Find a Room Where You Can Be Alone - Ensuring you are by yourself will help you tune out other people.

  2. Clean the Room - A clean environment will inspire peace within you.

  3. Utilize Comfortable Pillows and Blankets - Being as comfortable as possible can help create your own safe space.

  4. Aroma Therapy - Lighting candles, incense, or a natural oil infusion into your space will help you relax. Choose a scent that you enjoy best.

  5. Find a Guided Meditation to Play - Guided meditations are excellent for developing your practice.

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