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5 Ways to Know You are Being Called to Teach Yoga

If you have made it this far, you must genuinely seek to learn more, which is brilliant because the best yoga teachers are lifelong students. What is it that makes you feel as though you should share this practice? Maybe, you find someone on social media inspiring, or perhaps you experienced a fantastic class that deeply impacted you. Whatever your reason may be, I am happy to be of service to you.

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Now, you must have a lot of thoughts as there is much to consider. Which yoga teaching program do you resonate with the most? What type of teacher would you like to become? What exactly is your calling? Uncovering your purpose is indeed a journey. It can be easy to second guess or thoughts, but here are a few easy ways to know you are genuinely ready to move forward:

  1. You are committed to Showing Up - You may find yourself anxiously awaiting your next yoga class, and you are committed to showing up weekly.

  2. You are Considerate of the Roots of Yoga - You understand the importance of honoring this sacred practice and its meaning through research.

  3. You are Inquisitive - You may find yourself staying after class to ask your teacher questions.

  4. You are Excited about Your Practice - You may find yourself telling everyone you meet about how yoga has profoundly impacted you.

  5. You Feel Spiritually Connected - You might feel an unexplainable draw to this practice, which is a good enough reason to follow through.

If you identify with these ideas, it's time to find your yoga teacher training! Best wishes!

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