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How Physical Therapy Can Change Your Life

Physical therapy is a valuable tool, and if your doctor recommends trying it, I highly suggest you commit. A few months ago, while riding my bike, I was struck by a motor vehicle and dramatically tossed like a bum salad into oncoming traffic. From the moment the incident had taken place, I knew that each moment moving forward would be about making a full recovery. As a professional ice skater and yoga guide, I am very in tune with my body. From the moment the crash happened, I knew that I was out of alignment.

After visiting urgent care, an Orthopedic Surgeon, and an MRI, I learned that my left leg was suffering from a cracked bone and torn MCL. The doctors informed me that I missed having an operation by a few centimeters, and I am incredibly grateful for that. Let's face it; healing can be a daunting process. Being injured in an accident is already traumatic enough! After all, we live inside our bodies, and being unable to use them effectively can lead to increased trauma.

My physical therapy experience was thoughtful, generous, kind, and challenging. The first day was about communicating my needs, how I felt, and understanding my expectations. As a professional skater and movement medicine queen, I knew I had to get back to myself 100%. The thought of being unable to perform the same way was mortifying. I had to spend months in bed healing, not working, and not playing put a bit of strain on my mental health. With my physical therapist's help, I could see myself through to the other side.

My physical therapist started with minimal movement supported by props, athletic massage, and measurements. My therapist was aware of my goals and made an effort to check in each week to track progress and make any necessary changes to my regimen. By the end of my sessions, I could jump, hop, and skip like never before! Going to physical therapy offers you physical, mental, and emotional support during a time when most of us may need it the most. It's easy to think that we can deal alone or get used to the discomfort in our bodies. I'm here to tell you that with guidance, perseverance, and adaptability, you, too, can heal. So, when your doctor prescribes physical therapy, commit to it and see it through!

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