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5 Reasons Why Black Women Should Use Wellness to Save Themselves First

Being born a black woman is a beautiful blessing, although many may say it is a battle in this realm. Black women have been queens, mothers to villages not of their blood, and rallied behind many an inspiring cause. Black women are the voice behind every movement. We are the inspiration behind great leaders and salvation for the hopeless. There is something so beautiful about being a black woman. Not only does our skin glisten in the sunlight, but our melanin also blesses us with powers beyond unimaginable magnitude. Black women are heroes, even if this truth is never spoken out loud.

Who takes care of you, though, black woman? You place the needs of your family, friends, and community above your own, but who is there to reassure you? Many of us witness our mothers and grandmothers go above and beyond with service to the point of self-sacrifice. We are taught to ensure that everyone else's needs are met at a young age. Black women in America, and others across the diaspora, may feel the trauma of slavery alive and well within their veins and subconscious mind. We believe it is customary to shove ourselves into places we don't belong. We withstand abuse from strangers and those closest to us. The world tries to convince us daily that we are not worthy of living beautiful lives and that our healing doesn't matter. The world is always waiting on black women to save it.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Save Yourself First:

  1. You are Worthy of Healing - You deserve to experience what it feels like to be present.

  2. You are Worthy of Love - You deserve to love yourself and make healthy choices from this space truly.

  3. You are Worthy of Receiving - You deserve to open your heart so that beautiful experiences may occur.

  4. You Can Not Pour from an Empty Cup - You deserve restoration.

  5. You are Whole - You deserve to experience the world as yourself exactly the way you are.

Committing to your wellness journey will help you to uncover these truths in time. Most importantly, remember to be gentle with yourself.

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