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5 Reasons to Visit a Bathhouse Now

Yesterday I visited The Schvitz which is an historic bathhouse located in Detroit, Michigan. This space offers ancient heat therapies and holistic healing. Upon arrival, this space is relatively unsuspecting. The exterior is an older building, and a non assuming tourist would probably never have a clue about what's going on inside. The vintage stylings paired with the peaceful ambiance bring forth an authentic healing experience.

About two months ago I was struck by a car while I was riding my bike. After weeks of resting, medication, doctors appointments, and physical therapy I finally felt ready to give other healing modalities a try. Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous to be in the nude in front of strangers. Usually, I can be a bit shy about my body, but in this case I felt safe. I was accompanied by my good friend Samantha who graciously showed me the ropes. As soon as I entered the women's locker room I was greeted by friendly bathhouse experienced faces. After changing, I dawned my robe and headed down into the hot room. When I say hot room, I mean really hot! I had seen people in rooms like this on television shows, but this was my first experience with heat like this. I had a spiritual experience needless to say. I had to shield my face from the heat with a towel as I eagerly tapped my body with tea leaves.

Next, we headed into the cold bath. At first I was scared, because it was indeed a bit frigid, but after finally making my way in I was pleased. After that we went into the dry sauna, which was absolutely amazing. I have more experience with this type of heat and I could tell it was exactly what my body needed after dealing with a traumatic experience. There was a lovely lady named Shawn there offering sound healing an reiki sessions, so I received one. I felt peaceful and I know my body is thanking me for the experience today. overall, I spent about $70 with entry and additional services. Without further ado, here are my 5 Reasons to Visit a Bathhouse Now:

  1. Your Healing Matters - Making the effort to show up for yourself is extremely beneficial. Unlike working out, going to a bathhouse gives you the space to practice wellness without doing much work at all.

  2. Community Support - There are like minded individuals within these spaces that will offer you support during your experience.

  3. The Heat - The heat is extremely therapeutic.

  4. The Cold Pool - Restorative.

  5. Peel Back Your Layers - This is perfect for those of us who may generally feel uptight. Steaming your body and cooling it off is a magical experience.

More information about The Schvitz here

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