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5 Important Tips to Remember as a New Yoga Teacher

Becoming a brand new yoga teacher is such an exciting and inspiring time in your life! After many hours of practicing, studying, and preparing yourself to become a teacher, the time has come for you to teach. Congratulations, I couldn't be happier for you! So, now that you have no doubt shared your practice with friends, family members, and fellow trainees, how should you share your brand new practice as a teacher with students?

We all have our methods to prepare for our classes. Many of us may spend hours on lesson plans, reading philosophical scripts, and developing our flows. It is usual for a new teacher to write down a flow, practice it, and regurgitate information in class. As a new teacher, it is essential to remember that creating your teaching style takes many years. Giving yourself time and grace is vital to find your voice as a yoga teacher. There is no need to force yourself into perfection as a teacher; however, here are a few crucial facts to consider as you begin to share your teaching:

  1. You are A Guide - Your role is to hold space for students to experience healing on their terms. Everything you teach in class is merely a suggestion.

  2. All Your Students are Coming in at Different Phases in Their Lives - Do not make assumptions about people. Allow people to come as they are without offering them suggestions about how they might try to mentally, physically, or spiritually alter themselves. Do not comment on students' bodies.

  3. Teach from Your Practice - There is no need to try to know everything about yoga. If you can teach from your practice, you will be more authentic, and students will be more likely to trust you. Be honest if someone asks a question and you do not know the answer.

  4. Consent Matters - Ask for permission to offer adjustments.

  5. Teach to the Whole Room - Pay attention to your students to ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy practice. Offer modifications for students while also offering more seasoned students support.

Photo: Milan Boyer

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