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5 Important Tips for New Yoga Students

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Yoga is a transformative practice with ancient roots. This practice is an art form and a science that has been proven to improve the quality of practitioners' lives. Yoga has many branches that range from physical movement practices, meditation techniques, breathing exercises, and lifestyle principles. Being new to yoga may be overwhelming for many. Being nervous about attending your first class or stepping outside your comfort zone is natural.

There is much to learn about this vast practice, but there is no need to know everything all at once. There is no test at the end of your class; at least there shouldn't be. Taking the time to develop your practice is a significant key to success. Simply arriving on your mat and making your way into the class is a considerable feat. I highly recommend checking out local yoga studio's in your area and researching teachers to begin. See if you feel drawn toward a specific class or space and make your way there in time. If you enjoy taking classes online, research different teachers to find one you resonate with best.

It is important to remember that yoga is an energetic practice, and in time it may open you up to new spiritual experiences if that is what you seek. The yoga studio or class you take will seriously affect how you experience your practice. Being able to hold space for people during a class is, in fact, a gift, and having a knowledgeable and gifted teacher will make all of the difference.

Here are 5 Tips to Remember as a New Yoga Student:

  1. Consent Matters - You have the right to inform your teacher about being open to physical adjustments or not wanting to be touched. Do not feel bad about honoring your choices.

  2. Your Body Belongs to You - Your yoga teacher is a guide; they offer suggestions. If something feels wrong in your body during a posture or exercise, do not do it.

  3. Comparison is the Thief of Joy - Other practitioners in your class may have more years of experience, but that does not mean you do not belong.

  4. Everyone Has a Different Body - There may be poses that come more naturally to you, while other poses may never come due to your body type, which is not bad.

  5. Enlightenment is a Lifelong Journey - There is no end goal or weightloss challenge that will make you a master yogi. This practice is a lifelong journey.

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