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3 Playlists to Raise Your Frequency

As Zoe Kravitz once said, curating a playlist is a delicate art. A person's musical selections say a great deal about who they are. Music is an art full of deep expression that can be inspiring, healing, and transformative. Scientifically, we understand music as vibrations. Having the correct playlist can completely shift the vibe of any room, gathering, or yoga class. Many believe that singing is like praying twice and that sound frequency can be healing.

I consider myself a master playlist curator. In college, I even had a radio show and called myself DJ LJ, so if anyone knows about a good playlist, it's me. Yoga is an energetic practice. While many may practice in silence, others may opt to listen to a playlist for support. Listening to a song that one can relate to is the best feeling, but the thing about music is that it makes us feel good! Music has the power to help us calm down and even the power to enable us to push through.

I have taken the time to curate playlists painstakingly to help you vibe during your meditation practice, yoga practice, or leisure time. Here are my September top 3 playlists:

  1. The Experience with Lauren J. Williams - Meditation podcast by Lauren J. Williams

2. Friday in September

3. Stay Up

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