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3 Fall Playlists to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

Fall is a beautiful time for transformation, shedding, and warmth. This season between the fiery summer sun and Winter hibernation is made memorable by picking apples, carving pumpkins, and dawning your favorite fall sweaters. This season is the perfect time to cherish the days remaining to hike and enjoy outdoor strolls and hay rides. As the season shifts externally, we are invited to explore internal changes. With the days growing colder, finding new ways to spark our inner flames is essential.

Just like the weather shifts, so does our wellness practice. You may find yourself transitioning from hot outdoor yoga practices into indoor practice. As the sun cools off, you may find your body feeling a bit more rigid due to the change in weather. It's important to note that this is perfectly normal! Music can inspire your practice and uplift your mood. Here are my top 3 hand-curated playlists To Inspire your Fall Yoga Practice:

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